Friday, March 9, 2007

Carrie: The Musical?!

This clip is from one of the most infamous Broadway flops... Carrie: The Musical. It only lasted for five performances. It was put on during the eighties. It was also the Broadway debut of Linzi Hateley. One of the intersting things about this musical is that Betty Buckley who played the gym teacher in the movie plays Carrie's mother in the musical. The musical apparently has a big cult following now, and hopefully someday the creators of it might try to do another staging of it. The music actually sounds really nice!

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Ian said...

Blimey, Carrie: the musical?! I actually like the sound of this was pretty moving and very beautiful. I think Carrie would work well as a musical and also think it would be a good idea for the creators to revisit this someday. Who knows?