Tuesday, June 5, 2007


A company called Master Replicas does reproductions of the Muppets that are used for publicity photos. These are not puppets they are stand alone Muppets that don't need a puppeteer to manipulate them. If I had the money and the extra space I'd love to get one of these someday. Hopefully, they will do Gonzo sometime in the future (He's my favorite!)

Rustin Allison


Ian said...

So the Muppets on the show are different to the publicity photos?! Thats so cool! It's even better that these replicas are available to buy! I would love a Miss Piggy someday!

fierce_deitys_mask64(at)juno.com said...

hey, so you've read The Thief of Always. (fav book) Wonderland anything like it or the movie?

Rustin Allison said...

They are kind of similar stories, but Thief is a bit darker.

Rustin Allison