Friday, September 7, 2007

Musical Mish-Mash

I will be going to see Avenue Q in November and this clip is some of the London cast singing a song from one of my other favorite musicals, Wicked. Just an odd combination to see!

Rustin Allison


Ian said...

This is very funny! I love how the puppets from Avenue Q have completely seperate poersonalities from their puppeteer. I can't wait to see Avenue Q, and Wicked is a great show too.

Richard said...

Hey Rustin,
I saw Avenue Q in Las Vegas last year, it was really cool. Have you seen it now? (Kelcey told me about his blog site). Your stop motion animation experiments are very cool. Glad to see you are exploring your creativity so well. The top of your blog mentioned papercraft, what is that in reference to? I am a big fan of Nick Bantock and Barbara Hodgson's books, similar to those works?
Your bro,

Rustin Allison said...

I did see Avenue Q. It was very funny. The papercraft refers to papermodels (there are some examples on here), but I would also like to experiment a bit with paper and animation (like Lotte Reiniger).