Saturday, June 6, 2009


Directed by Toby Wilkins

This is a great little horror film. It is one that I had heard about when it was released... but again it was missed at the theater. 

The best aspect of this film is that it has such a small cast. The film focuses on four characters and their attempt to overcome a parasite that slowly infects its victims from the inside out. The victim then seeks out other possible hosts for the virus. By just focusing on four characters and having them stranded at a gas station, the film is very successful at creating a suspenseful feel.

Because of the small cast, the characters are a bit more fleshed than in normal horror films. I really enjoyed the fact that the male hero is a bit inept and has to really strive to overcome his shortcomings to survive the horrible situation that he and his girlfriend have to face.

The special effects in this film are very good for a low budget film. The creature effects are especially creepy with disjointed human appendages making it very difficult to look at the infected victims.

Rustin Allison

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