Monday, July 16, 2007

Hairspray Preview Screening

Just got home from a preview screening of the new movie, Hairspray. I have been waiting to see this movie for a long time. I love the original, and I loved the musical adaption even more. This movie was just a lot of fun. I think I smiled during the whole movie. Everyone in it was great! Nikki Blonsky is just great as Tracy. The supporting cast is just wonderful and John Travolta does a wonderful job as Edna. I highly recommend seeing this wonderful movie with some great songs! I will definitely be seeing this again soon!

Rustin Allison


Ian said...

Along with Harry Potter, this is movie that i have been looking forward to the most this summer. The soundtrack is awesome, and the cast is incredible.
I have my tickets booked for this friday, and i am very excited about seeing this! I have a feeling that Edna will be my favourite character!

Ian said...

Okay, here are my thoughts...

WHAT A GREAT MOVIE!!! I can honestly say that i have never wanted to dance so much in my whole life.
The cast were beautiful and so perfect for the characters they were playing. John Travolta is fantastic as Edna. What an all singing, all dancing, and mighty glamorous lady! I loved every single song and would recommend this movie to anyone. It's simply brilliant!
The final song is can't stop the beat, so dance!