Sunday, July 15, 2007

An older puppet

This is an older puppet of mine. It was inspired by the Monster Book of Monsters from Harry Potter. Been in Harry Potter mode since seeing Order of the Phoenix. I am actually really proud of this puppet, because it is the first one that I had made without referrring to or adapting a puppet pattern. The puppet was made with cardboard, paper, sheet foam, fake fur, and amber glass beads (they make great insect eyes!).

Rustin Allison

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Ian said...

I must admit, I'm still in Harry Potter mode too, the movie was so good and with the new book out this week, it's hard not to be!
I love this puppet! I think the eyes are great, and the addition of the leather belt to keep in under control is really cool too. A very cool puppet that makes me want to take up Care of Magical Creatures.