Monday, March 10, 2008

The Masque of the Red Death

I keep being reminded of this great theatrical experience. I went to see this at the end of December, and it is one of the most unique evenings I have ever had. The production spans over three stories at the Battersea Arts Centre. Spectators are brought in by the side door and given a mask and split up from their groups. The rest of the evening was spent wandering through massively detailed rooms and hallways stumbling across scenes of murder and revenge. Many tales of Edgar Allan Poe are intertwined with the climax of the evening re-telling The Masque of the Red Death. It was quite eerie seeing everyone masked around me, but it was also fun to know that I could come and go as I pleased. One of the most memorable parts was watching the resurrection of Madeline Usher take place on a grand staircase. The scene was a strange mixture of drama and dance. the grand staircase itself was amazing... it was surrounded by hooded statues and went down into a mist drenched forest. There was also a night club that constantly had old music hall acts being performed (somehow I ended up back stage at one point!).

Rustin Allison

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