Monday, November 3, 2008

Brief Encounter

I just went to see the production of Brief Encounter this past weekend. I absolutely loved it! The play is based on the classic British film (which I have not seen, but I plan to now). The story follows the tale of two married people who meet by chance at a railway station. They know they cannot fall in love... but do. The relationship is brief and heartbreaking.

This play closes in London on 16 November. I wanted to see a production this last Saturday and went for the cheapest tickets at the TKTS booth in Leicester Square. What a bargain! I wish I could go see this show again! The production involves film and live music. It takes place in a old movie theatre with ushers! Just going into the theatre takes one back to 1938. The theatre is Art Deco in design. The house manager is dressed in a tux and the ushers perform songs around the theatre on ukulele, trumpet and bass. The actual production itself is a mixture of film, music and theatre. Live action moves to film and back and music is intertwined throughout. The show, although heartbreaking, is also really funny with some great comic moments. I have heard rumors that this may go to Broadway... if it does, New York audiences are in for a treat!

Rustin Allison

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