Monday, May 4, 2009


Directed by Henry Selick

I just saw this film during a preview weekend here in the UK. We have had to wait a little while longer to see this film here, but it was well worth the wait. Coraline is a film that everyone who has worked on it should be proud. 

I have always been a fan of Neil Gaiman's work and Henry Selick did a great job adapting the novel in a film. The film looks fantastic and there is such amazing detail put into every scene. Stop-motion involves such patience and hard work that it is hard to imagine just how many hours (well, days and years) it took to finish the film. 

The voice acting in this film was also very good. Teri Hatcher deserves applause for her chilling portrayal of the Other Mother... sweetness and light with little bits of dark and evil spilling through at just the right moments. I also enjoyed Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders performances as the old actresses, Miss Forcible and Miss Spink. They added just the right amount of eccentricity to their parts.

I did see this film in 3D and thought it looked great, but I could not see a reason just to see it in 3D. This is a film that would look great under normal viewing and I can't wait until I have it on DVD so that I can enjoy all of the little details that were added to this film.

Rustin Allison

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