Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Adventures of Pinocchio - Book 1

The Adventures of Pinocchio
Written by Carlo Collodi

This is first book that I finished from the 100 Classic Book Collection for the Nintendo DS. I have decided to post a few thoughts after finishing each one. 

Well, this is first time that I have truly read the story of Pinocchio. I have only ever seen the Disney version of the story. The original Pinocchio comes across as a very, very bad boy. In the Disney version, Pinocchio is a boy who is just a little bad (I would actually go as far as saying he's just too naive to be good). The original Pinocchio is easily swayed by temptation, and knows that what he is doing is wrong.

Children's stories often have a dark streak, and The Adventures of Pinocchio is no exception. There is death, dismemberment, and other morbid themes throughout. Pinocchio, even though he is made from wood, has his feet burned off at one point.  This actually reminds me that I need to read a book called The Uses of Enchantment, which is supposed to deal with these same topics.

It was a very quick read, and it was fascinating to observe the changes the were made for the Disney version.

Rustin Allison

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