Thursday, January 22, 2009


Directed by Shakur Kapur

This was a film that I actually had on DVD when it first came out and I have never gotten around to watching. Well, now I have finally watched it.

The film had much more to do with religion than I would have thought. This was a nice aspect of the film and religious studies is an area that I have a great interest. The film uses the story of Elizabeth to also illustrate how Protestantism came to be the dominant belief in a previously Catholic England. The film makes a parallel between Elizabeth becoming the Virgin Queen and the Virgin Mary in Catholicism. I thought this was a very interesting aspect of the film.

I believe this was the first film that brought Cate Blanchett to the public eye. I greatly enjoyed her performance in the role of Elizabeth and I look forward to watching this film's sequel that was released last year. Hopefully, it won't take me ten years to watch it.

Rustin Allison

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