Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dog Soldiers

Dog Soldiers
Directed by Neil Marshall

I guess I am in horror movie mode at the moment. Of course, I do enjoy the genre. One of the odd things about horror films is that usually they are made to genuinely scare but sometimes there is a bit of humor added to those scares. Evil Dead 2 is definitely one of those films and I would say that Dog Soldiers falls into the same category as well.

One of the other aspects of this film that is worth talking about is gender.  This film puts a squad of six male soldiers against a werewolf enemy. Obviously there is a strong masculine dynamic to the relationships and there are many struggles for power between the main characters. I only bring this up because one of Neil Marshall's later films is The Descent. This film follows a group of women adventurers encountering a monstrous enemy in the depths and darkness of a cave, and similar relationship dynamics are explored in that film as well.

Rustin Allison

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