Sunday, April 12, 2009

Girl, Interrupted

Girl, Interrupted
Directed by James Mangold

There are some great performances in this film. One surprising one is from Whoopi Goldberg... I didn't even know that she was in the film until she appeared on-screen. Obviously, Angelina Jolie received acclaim for her role, but I thought that every in the film did a great job. the film is actually filled with quite a few young actresses who have come into their own. Angelina Jolie is one and Brittany Murphy is another.

The film looks at mental health and is edited in a manner that is supposed to reflect the mental state of Winona Ryder's character. There are periods where time seems to skip as well as move forward and back.

The film is worth watching for all of its strong female performances and I was quite happy to Joanna Kerns in it as well.

Rustin Allison

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