Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jack Brooks - Monster Slayer

Jack Brooks - Monster Slayer
Directed by Jon Knautz

This was a film that I had never heard of until it showed up on my LoveFilm recommended list. This is one of the things about the internet that I DO like. The fact that companies like LoveFilm and Amazon can recommend things to me based on past likes and dislikes. I think this is referred to as The Long Tail effect.

This was a fun little film. It was especially enjoyable watching Robert Englund in a more kindly role rather than as the character he is most famous for (Freddy Krueger). The title character definitely owes its inspiration to Ash from the Evil Dead series, but he is different enough to stand on his own and support what looks to be the start of a franchise.

The other aspect about this film that I enjoyed was the complete lack of CGI to do the special effects. All the monster effects in the film looked to be all practical effects. That is they were done at the same time as the rest of the scene was filmed. I think there is something about this that adds to a horror movie rather than takes away from it. I like it when a film makes me go "Oh, how did they do that?" 

Rustin Allison

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